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Our Community of People Practitioners

We love pragmatic, modern, commercially viable People Practices and those who make it happen.

We understand that one of the greatest challenge for HR practitioners is to move from their core domain expertise to sales.

That’s where we come in.

We partner with startups, boutique firms and freelancers in the HR domain to qualify potential customers and deals, understand whether there is a real opportunity, map the target organisation and navigate procurement and pricing.

You can also get more leads or earn commission through our Lead Exchange.

Lead Exchange

If you cannot service a potential client or have a lead irrelevant to your domain expertise, you can pass the lead to us.

We will bring you back a lead matching with your area of expertise.

Expect to get back as much as you put forward.

If we do not send a relevant lead in 90 days, we split commission with you.


You may send us your lead details on


What does Go Cohoots provide to its partners?

  • Highly cost-effective Business development
  • Diversification across sectors and industries
  • Fair access to business opportunities basis capabilities irrespective of size and location
  • The opportunity of earning passive income through LEAD EXCHANGE


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